Our half beef is approximately 200-225 pounds and is perfect for sharing between multiple families or great for a single family that eats beef regularly. A half beef requires about 6 cubic feet of freezer space. By buying a half beef, you take advantage of a low cost per pound for your beef and support a local, Idaho ranching family. Approximate breakdown of cuts:

  • Rib steak: 6 packages
  • Skirt steak: 4 packages
  • Flat iron steak: 2 packages
  • NY strip loin: 4 packages
  • Flank steak: 2 packages
  • Tenderloin steak: 2-3 packages
  • Top sirloin steak: 4 packages
  • Porterhouse steak: 2 packages
  • T-bone steak:  4 packages
  • Sirloin tip steak:  4 packages
  • Round steak:  4 packages
  • Tri-tip steak: 2 packages
  • Rump roast: 2 roasts
  • Cross rib roast: 2 roasts
  • Chuck roast: 4 roasts
  • Brisket: 2 briskets
  • Short ribs: 3-4 packages
  • Osso bucco: 4 packages
  • Blade meat: 2 packages
  • Ground beef: ~100 pounds/packages

All costs related to the cutting and packaging of our beef are included in the per pound cost. We vacuum seal our beef to assure premium freezing quality and to retain the integrity of the beef. The vacuum seal results in a 1-2 year freezer life and assures a really clean defrosting process, just like you’d experience with store bought beef.

Total approximate cost: $1,961.00
200 lbs x $9.25 = $1,850.00 + 6% tax

To place an order please fill out the form below, or email Jill directly at jill@24westranch.com.
Once we receive your order, we will reach out to coordinate delivery and final order details.



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