100% grass-fed beef 


Perfect for steak lovers, our steak package will get you started with some of our best cuts.


A griller’s dream, this package includes ribs, brisket and ground beef.


A great way to put a meal in the crockpot and come home to dinner. 


Keep lean, healthy ground beef in your freezer at all times!


20 lbs

Our sample box is approximately 20 pounds and is a perfect starter bundle to get a taste for our beef.


40 lbs

Our variety box is approximately 40 pounds and is a great way to try a variety of cuts.


100-125 lbs

Our quarter beef is approximately 100-125 pounds and will fit in a standard size freezer (but would fill the entire space). It’s a perfect way to stock your freezer without investing in a separate chest freezer.


200-225 lbs

Our half beef is approximately 200-225 pounds and is a great way to stock your freezer for the year (or 6 months depending on how often you eat beef).


400-450 lbs

Our full beef is approximately 400 – 450 pounds and is perfect for sharing between multiple families or great for a single family that eats beef regularly.

24 West raises and sells 100% all natural, grass-fed beef. No corn, no grain, no growth hormones, ever.

That is our commitment to our customers. The result is leaner, healthier and delicious beef for you and your family. We finish our beef on grass for many reasons – not only is the beef better for you, but it is what the cattle were bred to eat.

24 West Ranch beef is:

  • Vacuum sealed
  • USDA inspected
  • Priced for cut weight
  • Priced for free local delivery
  • Certified by Global Animal Partnership (GAP Certified)

To place an order, contact Jill at jill@24westranch.com or (208) 989-6667. Order today to get the healthiest beef available for your family at the most economical price.