Like father like son.

24 West Ranch is a 200-acre cattle ranch in Boise, Idaho, owned and operated by the Watterson family.

For over 40 years, we have been producing 100% all-natural, lean, grass fed beef, raised on our pastures and grazed in the open air of the Treasure Valley.

By using sustainable practices and treating our cattle humanely, we’re able to provide the best in local, grass fed beef to local families. You can feel good about eating our beef knowing where and how it was raised.

We believe in openness and transparency in all aspects of our operation—your satisfaction and our livelihood depends on it. In addition, most of what our ranch needs to operate is produced right here, on the farm. We grow our own hay and transport our own cattle. We practice crop rotation to prevent soil erosion and deliration. We also practice cover cropping and many other techniques that help conserve, regenerate and protect the soil. If, like us, you believe in sustainability, environmental stewardship, supporting the local economy and local producers, we hope you’ll choose our all-natural grass fed beef for your family.


The Watterson family has been raising cattle, sheep and vegetables in the Treasure Valley since 1924.

In 1924, Joe Watterson left Tennessee and jumped a railcar to begin a new life out west. He started by herding sheep and then soon settled down to farm. Raising eight kids during the Great Depression, the Watterson family sustained themselves almost entirely off what they produced on the original 40-acre farm in Homedale, Idaho. Grandpa Joe had a dozen milk cows on the farm and many times throughout those lean years, his bi-weekly milk check is what kept the family going. Grandma Irene had a large garden in which she grew vegetables to feed the family throughout the summer. She canned the excess for the winter months. Out of necessity for the survival of the farm and family, all the kids had to pitch in with the chores. This instilled a work ethic and respect for the land that sustained them that continues to this day.

Our team

Our team is our family. You can be assured that you will receive consistent quality and customer service, and that your beef and produce are treated with the utmost respect and care.

Joe and Jill Watterson

Joe and Jill help manage the day to day operations. Work on the farm is never done – from assuring the health of the cattle to planting and cutting hay. Both Joe and Jill grew up in the valley. They have a son, Luke and a daughter named Evan and love raising their children on the ranch.