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2015 A Big Year on the Ranch

Jill Watterson - Tuesday, January 12, 2016

It's been a big year on the ranch!  From building a new chicken coop to losing our Owhyee grazing land to the Soda Fire - we have had a crazy busy year. I love to look back at how the ranch has changed, and how our kids have grown over the last year.  It always amazes me.  

Baby Calves 

We started the year off welcoming new calves to the ranch. Spring is always a busy time for calving.  Evan named this baby calf, Olaf, and the kids fought over who would feed him everyday.  I have no idea why Luke is wearing goggles, but that's okay :) 


The Chicken Coop 

Joe and Luke built a mobile chicken coop - we move it around the pasture and the chickens fertilize for us.  It's genius.  It may have taken longer than expected to build, but Evan absolutely adores the chickens. Worth every nail.

The Fire

The Soda Fire burnt thousands of acres of grazing land in the Owyhee Mountains, ours included. We lost some cattle, but fortunately were able to quickly shuttle the majority of our herd out of harms way. The land that burnt was very special to our family. It was our summer grazing land and Joe's dad, Bill, had spent the last 20 years riding the fences and watching over the cattle. The Boston Family homesteaded the land at the turn of the century and the home and original outbuildings were a cherished treasure. We were sad to see what was left of it after the flames had cleared.  Here is a before and after shot of the valley that was lost.


Meet Duke

One of the highlights of the year was the addition of Duke, our great pyrenees. He's never met a person he doesn't love, but coyotes and badgers beware. This guy is the keeper of the livestock on the ranch - his bark can be heard from a mile away.  In this picture he is about 3 months old, I think he's about 3x this size now!  

New Fields 

We took on a few new fields this year, which added to our ability to produce hay - and a few late nights.  Thank goodness we have an amazing team, which makes everything run (relatively) smoothly.  


Cheers to a happy and healthy year in 2016!  Blessings from our family to yours.  

The Wattersons 

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