Our Beef

24 West raises and sells 100% all natural, grass-fed beef. No corn, no grain, no growth hormones, ever.  That is our commitment to our customers.  The result is leaner, healthier and delicious beef for you and your family. Read about its health benefits here. We finish our beef on grass for many reasons - not only is the beef better for you, but it is what the cattle were bred to eat. 

Our beef is sold by the fullhalf, quarter and a variety box and delivery is free within the Treasure Valley.  

24 West Ranch beef is:

  • Vacuum sealed
  • USDA inspected
  • Priced for cut weight
  • Priced for free local delivery
  • Certified by Global Animal Partnership (GAP Certified)
  • It has always been important to our family to treat our animals with the utmost respect. We rely on them for our livelihood and they deserve to live a healthy and happy life. We are certified by GAP (Global Animal Partnership), as a Step 4 ranch, which is the highest level that our ranch can achieve. What does that mean? It means that our cows live a pasture-centered life, that they have access to cover in the harsh winters and the hot summers, that they aren't crowded and that we keep impeccable records - just to name a few of the requirements.  Learn more at globalanimalpartnership.org.

    Order today to get the healthiest beef available for your family at the most economical price. To learn more about buying beef, click on the links to the right for details or contact Jill at jill@24westranch.com or 208.989.6667