The Watterson family has been raising cattle, sheep and vegetables in the Treasure Valley since 1924.

In 1924, Joe Watterson left Tennessee and jumped a railcar to begin a new life out west. He started by herding sheep and then soon settled down to farm. Raising eight kids during the Great Depression, the Watterson family sustained themselves almost entirely off what they produced on the original 40-acre farm in Homedale, Idaho. Grandpa Joe had a dozen milk cows on the farm and many times throughout those lean years, his bi-weekly milk check is what kept the family going. Grandma Irene had a large garden in which she grew vegetables to feed the family throughout the summer. She canned the excess for the winter months. Out of necessity for the survival of the farm and family, all the kids had to pitch in with the chores. This instilled a work ethic and respect for the land that sustained them that continues to this day.